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Coffee beans are alive with flavor. You need to treat them with a bit of a delicate hand since they can get stale easily if improperly stored. Retaining that strong coffee aroma and flavor is essential.

Here are three things, that you might not know can ruin fresh coffee.

1. Air:
When coffee beans or grounds are exposed to the open air, they oxidize and can wither and get stale fast.
2. Sunlight:
Even when storing in airtight containers, you can still leave them exposed to direct sunlight. The sun has a significant negative effect on the beans. That is why it is best to store in an opaque container.
3. Moisture:
Many people store them in the fridge or freezer, which actually isnt the best place. Moisture causes freshly roasted coffee to go bad almost immediately.

Thats why when you spend the money on high-quality coffee beans you need to treat them right. Baby them a little by having the best storage options you can find. At Osaka Coffee, weve developed the absolute best storage containers for your precious beans. Here are the two varieties we have to offer that are going to house your beans to make the best coffee you have become accustomed to in your home.

The Osaka Vacuum Sealed Canister. 16.9oz or 40oz.

coffee storage 2 sizes

This type of canister is not your ordinary container. It comes in two different sizes, the 40oz and the 16.9 oz. So depending on how many coffee beans you like to have on hand will determine the size you need.

The way that this container works is that there is a pump at the top that when you press down on it a few times, completely eliminates the air in the container. That way your beans are airtight and sealed inside the canister. Air, Heat, moisture, and possible sunlight are all safely kept away from your coffee beans.

Once you work the pump and twist to seal the lid, there is an indicator that will let you know that all the air is out of the way of the beans. How amazing is that? Your beans will be kept from the destructive forces out to get them. Okay, that might be a little over the top, but the magic of this container is real. It truly works to keep your beans as fresh as possible, so that each time you grind them for a cup of coffee, or who are we kidding here… a whole pot of joe, youll be drinking the freshest coffee you can make.

One important note: if you are using it for ground coffee, you will need to place them in a bag first. Vacuuming any ground or powdered substance will usually cause it to get stuck in the mechanism, and the seal will not hold.

The Osaka Vacuum Sealed Canister is also easy to clean because its dishwasher safe and durable. So you can just toss it in the dishwasher for cleaning ease. Then it will be ready to be filled again and again with your best coffee beans. Plus, the canister looks sleek and modern on any kitchen countertop in your home. The jar itself is stainless steel with a plastic and silicone top.

The Osaka Self Sealing Air Tight Storage Jar. Black or White.

coffee and sugar storage jar

Another option to store your coffee beans is the Osaka Self Sealing Airtight Storage Jar. It comes in two different color options to go with any kitchen decor in sleek black or bright white. This jar will also keep your beans safe from air, light, and moisture. Not only good for coffee beans, but you can also store other food items such as sugar, flour, or even tea leaves. Having a few on the counter is going to spruce up the look of your kitchen with style.

The way the jar works is that the lid, once you place it on the jar, has “self-sealing technology.” Its so tight that you can even pick up the container by the lid, and it will not dislodge. Then to open the jar, you just press the little knob to the side and presto! The lid comes off easily, so you have access to your beans. It couldnt be any simpler than that.

Another great benefit of the Osaka Jar is that when the carbon dioxide builds up (which, coffee beans naturally do). The lid will pop up slightly to release the gasses and then seal right back.

The jar itself is a smooth ceramic material, and the lid is silicone. The materials of the container wont interfere in any way with the flavors of your coffee beans. It holds up to 13.5 oz of beans and is also dishwasher safe so that you can clean it anytime without a problem. Youll have fresh, perfect beans each time you open your container to make your morning cup of enjoyment.

Check out the entire Osaka Coffee line for better ways to store, brew and enjoy your ultimate cup of coffee. We believe that coffee is a bit of an art form in and of itself, so having the best tools on hand to make that coffee should be a given.

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How do you clean the golden reusable metal pour over filter cone? I can see between the walls it is getting clogged.


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wow! i never knew air and sunlight have negative impart coffee beans


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