Coffee Ratio Calculator

How much coffee should I use?

Measuring coffee is tricky business, you need to be able to get an exact measurement in order for the coffee to taste the same every time you brew. The first couple of times you will need to play around a little bit to get the right ratio according to your taste, but once you find the right one you can get the exact same results every time.

The below ratios are from 1:18 to 1:14, which means that the light setting you brew 18 times the amount of water over coffee. Each setting thereafter decreases the water by one point. The recommended setting is Strong which is a 1:16 ratio.

  • Select Desired Strength
    • Light

    • Medium

    • Strong

    • Robust

    • Powerful

  • Cup of coffiee
  • Water (by weight)
  • Water (by Volume)
  • Coffiee (by weight)
  • Coffiee (by Volume)*

*Measuring coffee by volume is not a good idea, since each coffee and  each type of grind weighs differently.


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