The classic Espresso is the base for most of the coffee drinks you know. Latte, Macchiato, Americano, Cappucino and more. Made by forcing steaming water through the grounds, it produces a strong velvety coffee which you can drink as a shot of condensed coffee like the real men do. Alternatively, you can mix any combination of water, milk, cream, or steamed milk.

Step 1: Fill With Water

Fill the pot with water until just below the safety valve. Do not overfill or put less water. This will ruin your coffee, and the pot.

Tip: You can use pre-heated water for quicker results.

Step 2: Spoon In The Grounds

The grind should be a little coarser than extra-fine and a little finer than what you would use for a drip coffee. Fill the funnel with ground coffee and give it a little shake to even it out. Then place the funnel into the water chamber.

Tip: As much as you might be tempted to, do NOT tamp down the grounds.

Step 3: Screw It Shut

Screw on the top chamber. Make sure that it is well sealed. Do not use the handle to tighten.

Tip: To ensure the valve stays unclogged you should periodically wiggle the ball at the center of the valve from the inside.

Step 4: Place On Flame

Place on a medium to low flame or electric plate. Some experimentation will be necessary to get the right amount of heat to suit your taste. If the coffee comes out quickly and in spurts, the flame is too high, if it dribbles out slowly the flame is too low. Keep the handle away from the heat.

Tip: You can also take along the espresso pot when you go camping.

Step 5: Brewing Process

Wait for the coffee to start brewing. This should take less than 5 minutes (even less if you used pre-heated water). The pressure of the heat will force the water through the coffee and into the top chamber.

Tip: Remove the pot right before it is finished brewing for the optimal taste.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Coffee

Enjoy your freshly brewed espresso.

Tip: Drink it straight in a demitasse for a shot of espresso, with added hot water for an Americana, or with steamed milk for a Latte.


1. Make sure the flame does not surround the outside of the pot. 2. Please keep the lid closed during the brewing process. 3. Do not place on heat without water in the espresso pot.


What You'll Need :

  • Espresso Maker
  • Coffee (whole or ground)
  • Grinder (optional)
  • Water
  • Scale
  • Timer

Brew Time:

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