Same taste and texture as a standard pour over coffee but with the added benefit of having it on-the-go. You can pack your ground beans in the bottom until you are ready to brew.


After removing the bottom, unscrew the stainless steel cone filter and place on top of the thermos.

Tip: You can store ground coffee in the filter for later use. Just remember to turn over the thermos before opening.


The most flexible part of coffee brewing, and arguably the one that affects the taste most. For a medium strength coffee, you should measure out 2 level tablespoons for each cup. Use more or less according to your taste. With this thermos do not exceed 2 cups of coffee. Use the line to identify between 1 and 2 cups.

Tip: The best grind for a drip coffee would be a medium grind about the texture of sea salt. Use a burr grinder for the best results.


This is by far the most overlooked step in coffee brewing. Spoon your ground coffee into the filter (give it a little shake to flatten it out). Then gently pour in a little water - just enough to wet the grinds. This will make your coffee expand, a process called blooming, releasing the most desirable flavors from the grounds. Let sit for about 30 seconds.

Tip: Optimal brewing temperature is about 200°F. Use filtered water for the best tasting coffee.


Continue pouring, slowly, delicately into the center of the grounds. Use a circular, or gentle back and forth motion. Be careful not to pour too much water at once, the coffee grounds should never swim.

Tip: Each cup of coffee should take approxi­mately 2 minutes to brew.

Enjoy Your Coffee

When you are done brewing, remove the filter with the grounds and place on the bottom cover. Now you can enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.

Tip: To ensure long lasting results, clean the filter out with water regularly after use. If you see that the holes are starting to get clogged, wash with Osaka's Sodium Percarbonate Cleaning Solution.

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