Skytree Siphon Coffeemaker
Skytree Siphon CoffeemakerSkytree Siphon CoffeemakerSkytree Siphon CoffeemakerSkytree Siphon CoffeemakerIshiguro House Butane Burner

Siphon Coffee Maker

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  • Made With Borosilicate glass that will not break from thermal shock. It will also not absorb any residue or odors, giving you fresh tasting coffee every time.
  • Stainless steel and cotton filter, this excellent filter will only allow the coffee to pass through, leaving you with a delicious clear coffee.
  • FREE bonus kit includes a replacement filter set and a coffee spoon, for measuring and stirring. Comes with a traditional soot free denatured burner
  • Create a delicious coffee like a pro, with our detailed instructions and tips.
  • Enjoy your coffee by making it in a traditional Siphon Coffeemaker, Beautiful design and an unforgettable coffee experience.

Skytree is our Siphon Coffeemaker.

The Borosilicate glass will resist thermal shock, so it wont break when it goes from cold to hot or vice-versa. Another great benefit of Borosilicate is that it will not absorb any residue, or odors giving you a fresh tasting coffee every time you use it.
The stainless steel and cotton filter is sure to last you a long time, however we have included a free replacement set. It will not rob you of essential oils like a paper filter does, and results in a richer better tasting coffee.
The handle will allow you to hold and pour from the carafe as soon as you finish brewing.
The carafe holds up to 4 (5 oz)cups of coffee.
Kit Includes
Soot free denatured alcohol burner.
Free replacement filter set.
Free coffee spoon for measuring and stirring.
The BUtane Burner Variation comes with the Osaka Butane Burner.

The right coarseness for a Siphon coffee, is a fine grind. It should be a smooth texture like sugar when you rub it between your fingers.

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Siphon Coffee Maker


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  1. 5 out of 5


    I love this little thing. I got the 3 cup and it is perfect for my daily dose of coffee to wake me up before I head to class. My only concern is about where I may be able to get replacement parts because I heard the rubber will wear out after a while

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Weight 2.94 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 15.5 × 5 in


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